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This is the website of Mura Miniatures, which has two main roles. First, it is my personal website where I write about what I've learned about wargaming the elegantly dressed warriors of medieval Japan. Since I am a bit of a magpie, this covers several scales and a bunch of other East Asian armies as well. Check out the Articles section for reviews and articles on collecting miniatures of the most Eastern kind. In the Tutorials section you'll find tips on painting samurai miniatures and making suitable terrain for them.

6mm japanese buildings
6mm japanese buildings

The second aim of this website is to explore resin casting, and make my results available to other hobbyists. I plan to do tutorials for those of you who wants the whole hobbyist experience of swearing over glue and plasticard, while those with more money and sense can pick them up in the online store as I finish them.

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2013-02-17 New Review
I uploaded a new review, this time covering the 28mm Ashigaru Missile Troop box from Wargames factory.

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The Bushido ("Code of the warrior") was developed during the peaceful Edo period when the samurai had become mostly state administrators, writers and artists and most of them had never fought in battle.
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